Why OKA?

The Oamaru Kindergarten Difference

Affordable Exceptional Learning

When you choose Oamaru Kindergartens, you have the reassurance of knowing your kindergarten is committed to the highest quality standards. We have a long and proud history of providing top quality early childhood education that is very affordable.

We implement Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Childhood Curriculum, in all our services. Te Whāriki, has been developed to provide a framework based on how young children learn and is linked to the New Zealand School Curriculum, providing important preparation for school.

All of our kindergartens offer up to the full 30 hours free early childhood education for children 3 years old and over which means attending our kindergartens is very affordable.

100% Qualified Teachers

At Oamaru Kindergarten, we are not prepared to compromise on your child’s education and care. Your child deserves a kindergarten that has 100% qualified teachers. This is our benchmark for quality. We have a high level of professional accountability with teachers being registered through the Teaching Council of New Zealand and complying to the Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the teaching profession.

In the proud tradition of kindergarten, all of our teachers are qualified and registered teaching staff, with a minimum of a three-year Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood Education.

Our teachers have the experience and theoretical understanding to:

  • Constructively support your child’s play through the learning areas of Te Whāriki – the national early childhood curriculum.
  • Observe children’s behaviour, interests, abilities and needs, to create a programme that will extend them further.
  • Nurture their social confidence, helping them to make friends and work with other children and adults.
  • Support children to discover for themselves how things work and to develop an understanding of the world around them.
  • Develop children’s confidence in using language to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Work with you to meet the aspirations you have for your child.

Education that Fosters Lifelong Learning

Our early education programme provides a range of experiences for your child, so that they can learn to make sense of the world. Research shows children who attend a high quality service, like kindergarten, develop better lifelong skills in areas such as communication, numeracy, problem solving, reading and socialisation that carry them through the later years.

The belief that children learn through play is at the heart of all our programmes. When your child is playing, they feel safe to try new things and through practice develop skills and confidence. As they play at kindergarten, they will naturally learn to work alongside others – to share and cooperate, make friends and ask for help to name a few. They will also develop independence and essential learning skills such as concentration, perseverance, creativity and curiosity. These experiences help expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes and assist with a smooth transition to school.

Every day is special at kindergarten so please feel free to visit any of the kindergartens after enrolling and you will see the wide range of activities that children take part in every day.

Community Focused Programmes

Our kindergartens are part of the North Otago community and the children/tamariki are involved in their community through excursions, visitors and special events. Children are given the opportunities to really connect with the wider community through regular outings, walks and visits from a range of people in the community. This also allows the families/Whānau’s to build relationships and links with other families/Whānau’s and the nearby schools.

Family/Whānau Involvement

Parents and whānau are at the heart of every kindergarten and we aim to create supportive and respectful relationships with every family/whānau. When you enrol your child at Oamaru Kindergarten, your family/whānau becomes part of a nurturing and connected parent community with the shared focus of providing top early childhood education for your children/tamariki.

We encourage families/whānau to stay or visit at any time to see what their children/tamariki are up to and participate in our programmes as they wish. It’s a place where parents and whānau can make new friendships and to become involved in Kindergarten life.

Child Protection

Oamaru Kindergarten Association is committed to ensuring the safety of all children attending our kindergartens.

Click here to view our Child Protection Policy.