Holiday Programme

OKA Holiday Programme

Hello and kia ora to you.

This page outlines the things you need to know about the holiday programme.


The teachers working in the programme are all fully-qualified and registered, they are relievers who work regularly in all of our kindergartens and your child is likely to be familiar with some or all of them.


They will be supported by a Teacher Aide who will provide lunch-time cover as required. In this way a minimum ratio of 1:10 is maintained at all times.


When your child arrives on the first day of the programme, the greeting will include taking a photograph (unless your child has attended previously and we already have a photo). This is for identification purposes only, and the picture will be used for familiarisation by the staff and also to label your child’s locker area so they know where their bag belongs.


We’re planning to provide a variety of daily activities. You should ensure your child has at least one change of clothes, a sunhat, sun-block and a warm jacket and hat in their bag for the day.


Please ensure your child has a named packed lunch box, with a morning tea snack and lunch.  Filtered water is available at all times.


You should also pack necessities such as asthma inhalers/spacers and any medication required. If your child requires help with toileting, please advise the staff on your first day.


Please note only the people listed on the enrolment form will be allowed to collect your child at the end of the session.  The teaching team will not release your child to anyone that is not listed on the enrolment form.  Please feel free to advise the teachers of any amendments to your pick up arrangements on the day.


It is very important that you call the kindergarten to advice of any absences (Phone. (03) 434 9105).


We hope your family enjoys the holiday programme. If you have any queries please call the administration office on (03) 434 2422 – Julie will be able to answer any queries you have.

Holiday Teaching Staff

Sessions Times

Our holiday sessions are Monday to Friday 8.45am to 2.45pm

30 Hours Free

The Government’s 20 Hours Early Childhood Education is available at all our kindergartens. If you bring your 20 Hours to Kindergarten you will not be charged for any extra hours this means you could be entitled to up to 30 hours for FREE.

In order to activate your “20 hours” entitlement your child must attend on their first enrolled day.  If they do not attend on their first day the entitlement is not valid and you will be billed for book hours until your child’s first attendance.

Would you like more information on our holiday programme? Head over to our contact page now!