Fees & Funding

Fees and Funding

Ask us about 30 Hours Free

The Government’s 20 Hours Early Childhood Education is available at all our kindergartens. If you bring your 20 Hours to Kindergarten you will not be charged for any extra hours this means you could be entitled to up to 30 hours for FREE.


If you are not taking your 20 hours with us, are splitting the 20 hours free with another service or your child is under 3 then please check out our fees procedure. You will be surprised how reasonable our fees are. In these cases you may be eligible for WINZ subsidies to help with the costs.


For more information please ask the teaching team or click here.

What is the cost?

For any hours not covered by the 20 Hours ECE scheme, or if you do not access or use the 20 Hours ECE with us, we charge a fee.

Our fees range from $2.00 per hour to $4.50 per hour (incl GST).
You may be eligible for WINZ subsidies.

Fee Procedure Link.

WINZ subsidies

You may be able to get a WINZ Childcare Subsidy to help with the payment of your fees. To find out if your family qualifies.

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